Our Work with Philanthropy – An Overview

Members talk over lunch at Little Goat Diner,
Fulton Market Innovation District Learning Journey, 2014

Fresh Taste members range from small family foundations to the nation’s second largest community foundation. No member focuses solely on the food system, but all have missions and programs connected to food system work. Separately, our foundations prioritize health and obesity prevention; farmer training; farmer support; land conservation; land and water health; rural development; food system enterprise; urban agriculture; and community development. Together, we orient our work to the Chicago foodshed, an area roughly 225 miles surrounding the city.

More than an affinity group, which is largely for the education of its members, and broader in scope than a collaborative, in which foundations primarily pool funds to work on a narrow shared focus, Fresh Taste is a staffed initiative whose work centers on innovative ways to address the complex opportunities and challenges in the dynamic and growing local food movement in the Chicago region. We play a number of key roles in our work with philanthropy:

We build a learning community

We help develop strategy and secure resources for member-championed initiatives

We stimulate innovation

We exercise leadership in food system philanthropy, regionally and nationally


Contact us for more information about becoming a member of Fresh Taste.