Multi-stakeholder Organizations

A Chicago farmers market

Fresh Taste members and staff receive invitations to participate in councils, commissions and associations, and we participate when we believe that doing so will further our food system goals. Examples include:

Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Council
Fresh Taste member, Vicky Ranney of Liberty Prairie Foundation, served on the state task force that drafted the law creating the Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Council. Karen Lehman, Fresh Taste’s director, was then appointed by Governor Quinn to serve on the council, and was later selected by the council to serve on its executive committee as vice president. As part of our work to increase the supply of local food in Illinois, Fresh Taste staff also assisted other members of the council in planning and implementing two farmer training roundtables.

FARM Illinois 
Fresh Taste member Brad Leibov and its director, Karen Lehman serve on the Leadership Council of “FARM Illinois: A Partnership for Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth in Food and Agriculture,” a new statewide initiative to develop a 21st century strategy for Illinois food and agriculture.

Illinois Commission to End Hunger
Karen Lehman serves as the liaison between the Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Council and the Illinois Commission to End Hunger. She co-chairs the Emergency Food System Working Group. In that capacity, she is working with other commission members on an initiative to effectively harvest seconds from produce farms for delivery to food pantries.

Good Food Business Accelerator at 1871
Fresh Taste member Charles Wolf is a mentor for the Good Food Business Accelerator at 1871, which focuses on building supply chains for sustainable local food and gets farm and food businesses ready for prime time by giving them the necessary skills to launch or scale up.

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